In 1994,Standard Pallet Int’l Co., Ltd. was established with a small factory consisting of an old warehouse rented and 5 staff members. After moving through several warehouses and factories, we built our own facilities in 2006; the number of staff reached around 20 and the average production per month was approximately 30,000 wooden pallets.
Standard Pallet focuses on design and manufacture of wooden pallets. We believe that the manufacture of wooden pallets is not only the conventional work of building wooden frames with wooden planks, but also a profession combined with structural dynamics. We design the most suitable pallets for customers in the most cost-effective way and have improved manufacturing procedures thereby effectively using production time. Through the efforts of our staff, we have earned the trust of both domestic and international customers. As a result, the wooden pallets made by Standard Pallet can be seen everywhere including screw packaging plants and storage logistic companies. Along with an increase in orders and customer service, we have also established the Taipei Office to serve clients in the Northern region. The Asia Pallet Pool Ltd. was established for the purpose of trading used pallets. In addition to satisfying clients’ demand about saving purchase cost, we contribute efforts to maximize the reuse of resources.
In order to satisfy client demands and international requirements, we also became the first company qualified by the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Quarantine (BAPHIQ), Council of Agriculture in Kaohsiung region to do heat treatment on wood, so the pallets we export to our clients can comply with IPPC requirements.
In addition to providing various services demanded by the clients at present, we expect to continue with focused research on development, design and manufacturing in the industry, as well as importing PB (Particle Board) to satisfy clients’ demand in every aspect. A quality product and excellent customer service are goals of Standard Pallet, but our staffs are the life blood of the Company. We serve clients with R&D (Research & Development) under such beliefs and expect to achieve mutual growth and contribute to the overall progress of society.